TREC GB Arbitration Panel - Frocester TREC competition

From the TREC GB Arbitration Panel:

Following the Frocester TREC competition a formal complaint was lodged with TREC GB as the competitor felt the queries were not dealt with adequately on the day.  This concerned the siting of the Level 1 Check Point at Newbrook Farm.

The Arbitration Panel studied the Master Map, the diagram of the Check Point, consulted with the Senior Check Point Steward and with the Technical Delegate.  The Panel unanimously agreed that it was unclear that Level 1 competitors should enter the farmyard.  The route on the Master Map showed the route continuing on the bridle path.  Although flags were visible on the bridle path there was no Steward by them to inform riders they had reached a Check Point and to note the time of arrival and take the record cards.  It is clear to the Panel that the Check Point was undermanned and the Stewards poorly briefed.  The complaint was up held and penalties wrongly deducted were reinstated to all affected competitors.

Please see Rule 3.8.3. in the current Rulebook for the Complaints Procedure.


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