Summer League 2019

Leucillin Summer League will reward performances in all full unrestricted three phase TREC GB affiliated British TREC competitions run from 1st April to 30th September 2019


Summer League Top 10 2019

Congratulations to all of our place getters in this year's Leucillin Animal Skincare Summer League. Rosettes and prizes will be awarded at the Annual Celebration & Awards Evening on Saturday 30th November at the Ardencote Hotel. Click here to book your place - limited spaces available.

  Level 1 Individual   Level 1 Pairs
1st Chrissie Upchurch 1st Angela Hughes & Lindsay Measures
2nd Nichola Peace 2nd Chrissie Nichols & Caroline Brown
3rd Erica Thomas 3rd Jo Vincent & Emma Saunders
4th Sam Prior 4th Sue Squirrell & Lynsey Ellis
5th Bea Boreham 5th Cecilia Harrington & Pauline French
6th Isobel Kellermann 6th Robin Tillett & Bella Craven
7th Jeanie Hicks 7th Kirsty Adams & Eleanor Prescott
8th Joanna Messenger 8th Cilla Claxton & Caroline Richardson
9th Helen Campbell 9th Kay Ford & Kim Leney
10th Karen Barker 10th Michelle Bowe & Marian Pritchard
  Level 2 Individual   Level 2 Pairs
1st Marie Spillane 1st Rachael Wilmot & Alex Sales
2nd Niki King 2nd Clare Lane & Elodie Wagener
3rd Jane Chivers 3rd Donna Sharp & Mandy Aldridge
4th Chrissie Upchurch 4th Kirsty Collinson & Rachel Glossop
5th Caroline Barton 5th Judith Fisher & Vicki Waller
6th Danielle Glaister 6th Amanda Royle & Tina Negri
7th Helen Wain 7th Liz Payne & Mick Payne
8th Karen Butt 8th Angela Hughes & Lindsay Measures
9th Graham Clack 9th Gill Butler & Janet Brick
10th Mary Lazarus 10th Graham Clack & Natalie Douglas
  Level 2a Individual   Level 2a Pairs
1st Liz Beddows 1st Kathy Whitehead & Yolande Ifold
2nd Bridget Stein 2nd Cath Cromarty & Cressy Murphy
3rd Mary Scott Morgan 3rd Izzy France & Sasha Warrener
4th Hilary Barnard 4th Cara Newman & Anna Newman
5th Jacqui Kedward 5th Amanda Marfleet & Vicki Glynn
6th Lynne Mabbitt 6th Gill Boulding & Cathy Hoyt
7th Mary Weston 7th Christine Harling & Zara Lawlor
8th Kathryn Rollinson 8th Sian Griffiths & Helen Brophy
9th Chris Paine 9th Jo Boraston & Clare Foy
10th Sarah Addis 10th Jen Roy & Mandy Peden
  Level 3 Individual   Level 3 Pairs
1st Vanessa Warren 1st Claire Pollard & Sarah Vaughan
2nd Sheila Roberts 2nd Heather McLeod & Helen Hurford Dawson
3rd Sian Griffiths 3rd Bev Stevens & Steph Cherrington
4th Alex Robinson 4th Rebecca Hitchcock & Amanda Whyatt Watts
5th Kathryn Rollinson 5th Sheila Roberts & Sheila Rogerson
6th Kirsty Adams 6th Dave Rogerson & Sheila Rogerson
7th Catilin Crossley 7th Helen Martin & Bev Abbott
8th Anita Thomas 8th Mary Weston & Bridget Stein
9th Sally Hall 9th Jane McGregor & Jane Anscombe
10th Faith Anderson 10th Bridget Stein & Chris Paine
  Level 4 Individual    
1st Lynne Mabbitt    
2nd Jo McCormac    
3rd Kate Gillam    
4th Sheila Watson    
5th Caroline Brammer    
6th Dot Still    
7th Jackie Bennett    
8th Liane Robinson    
9th Catilin Crossley    
10th Alex Robinson    


Summer League Tables 2019

(Updated 1st Oct 2019)

Scoring system

The scoring system will be the same for all levels.  Points will be awarded for PLACINGS as follows:

1st = 10 points, 2nd = 9 points, 3rd = 8 points, and so on down to 10th = 1 point.

The points for the best 3 performances will be totalled and the highest total will win. If two competitors or pairs have the same total the following 3 steps will be used to split the tie in order, only moving on to the next step if still tied.

1. Points from a 4th competiton.

2. Average POR placing at the 3 best competitions.

3. Number of people placed below the person or pair in the 3 competitions used for the total points - the person with the largest score will be placed above the one with the lower score - i.e. Competitor A with 3 wins at competition K (10 competitors), competition L (14 competitors) and competition M (8 competitors) would place above Competitor B with 3 wins at competition R (9 competitors), competition S (7 competitors) and competition T (5 competitors)



Prizes will be offered for the following levels:

Level 1 Individual 

Level 1 Pairs

Level 2 Individual

Level 2 Pairs

Level 2A Individual

Level 2A Pairs

Level 3 Individual

Level 3 Pairs

Level 4 Individual

Points will be awarded for placings in open unrestricted classes at these levels.  Placings in Novice/Restricted classes or at levels with an A or B suffix will not count towards the League. Except Level 2A.


A rider (or in the case of a pair, both members of the pair) must be a Red or Blue tier member of TREC GB before the date of the competition in order for their performance at that competition to count. TREC GB membership numbers should be quoted on the entry form in order that the rankings can be calculated accurately.  

The Pairs Leagues will be calculated based on placings achieved by a pair as a single competitive entity.  If a rider enters two pairs competitions at the same level with different pairs partners then their results will be recorded separately.  


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