Results - Summer TRECs - 2018

All the results from the summer 2018 TRECs (full competitions, POR or PTV only and Versatile TREC Horse) run around the country including results from 2018 qualifier competitions.


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SEIB Summer Series                                                                                                                    V-Bandz Ltd Summer League

The TREC GB Board would like to congratulate all competitors placed in the V-Banbz Summer League.  Awards and rosettes, (to 10th place) will be presented at the Awards Dinner on the 19h January 2019. For those who are not attending, please notify the office if you can arrange for another member to collect your award, or failing that they can be sent out after the Dinner.


Level 1 Individual

Level 1 Pairs


1st     Marie Spillane

2nd    Bea Boreham

3rd    Helen Denny

4th     Helen Wain

5th     Julie Bass

6th     Paula Dowson

7th     Lisa Geer

8th     Duncan North

9th     Wendy Hodges

10th  Katy Smith


1st   Tessa Baylis & Diana Maclean

2nd   Rachael Glossop & Kirsty Collinson

3rd   Molly Rothwell & Vicky Rothwell

4th   Caroline Brown & Chrissie Nichols

5th   Elaine Dawson & Claire Marsden

6th   Pauline French & Cecillia Harrington

7th   Chrissie Upchurch & Sally Elliott

8th   Jen Sheen & Anastasia Weiner

9th    Duncan North & Emma Wood

10th Suzanne Booth & Kathryn Scarlett




Level 2 Individual


Level 2 Pairs


1st    Jane Chivers

2nd   Graham Clack

3rd   Judith Fisher

4th   Chrissie Upchurch

5th   Amanda Marfleet

6th   Jenny Plastow

7th   Kirsty Adams

8th   Dani Glaister

9th   Veronica Crouch

10th Peggy Sofley


1st    Alex Sales & Rachael Wilmott

2nd   Mick Payne & Liz Payne

3rd    Gill Butler & Janet Brick

4th    Bella Craven & Robin Tillett

5th    Cathy Hoyt & Gill Boulding

6th    Amanda Royle & Tina Negri

7th    Karen Barker & Paula Warrener

8th    Angela Hughes & Lindsay Measures

9th    David Whyte & Mary Lazarus

10th Michelle Bowe & Susie Pool




Level 2A Individual


Level 2A Pairs


1st    Liz Beddows

2nd   Sarah Thurnell

3rd    Carole Stewart

4th    Lynne Mabbitt

5th    Lel Benyon

6th    Heather Mcleod

7th    Sasha Warrener

8th    Mary Weston

9th    Mary Bray

10th Jacqui Kedward












1st    Helen Brophy & Sian Griffiths

2nd   Anna Lea & Mary Weston

3rd    Amanda Marfleet & Vicki Glynn

4th    Izzy France & Sasha Warrener

5th    Cath Cromarty & Cressy Murphy

6th    Caroline Barton & Karen Ransley

7th    Jo Wall & Nino Binns

8th    Jo Boraston & Clare Foy

9th    Helen Martin & Bev Abbott

10th Dave Rogerson & Sheila Rogerson




Level 3 Individual


Level 3 Pairs


1st    Hilary Barnard

2nd   Bridget Stein

3rd    Vanessa Warren

4th    Sarah Thurnell

5th    Jess Wain

6th    Faith Anderson

7th    Anne Hand

8th     Alex Robinson

9th     Jo McCormac

10th  Sheila Roberts


1st   Bev Abbott & Helen Martin

2nd  Jane Anscombe & Chris Paine

3rd  Dave Rogerson & Sheila Rogerson

4th  Helen Hurford-Dawson & Heather McLeod

5th  Ailsa Gibson & Nicky Bunting





Level 4



1st   Caitlin Crossley

2nd  Kate Gillam

3rd   Lynne Mabbitt

4th   Liane Robinson

5th   Liz Davison

6th    Dot Still

7th    Jackie Bennett

8th    Caroline Brammer

9th    Kathryn Wilding

10th Sheila Watson




36. IOM 6th October 2018 - Qualifier

35. SEIB National Championships 14th September 2018

34a EAT POR only Brocks Farm Sept 2018

34. KTS Keysoe 8th September 2018

33. SETG Knowler Farm 1st September 2018

32. Wessex Bucklebury 25th August 2018 - Qualifier

31. BTG East Marton 24th August 2018 - Qualifier 2019

30. SEIB Level 1 National Champsionships 17th August 2018

29. SETG Brightling Park 11th August 2018 - Qualifier

28. TRAC Welsh Championships Llanthony 10th August 2018 - Qualifier

27. WHTG Ellerker 5th August 2018 - L1 Qualifier

26. CTG Alconbury & Tur Langton 5th August 2018 Qualifer 

24. TREC Scotland Fife 3rd August 2018 - Qualifier

23. RK Tankey Lake 27th July 2018 - Qualifier

22A  SET Amended Beechwood 22nd July 2018- Qualifier

22. TREC Lincs Barnetby 22nd July 2018 - Qualifier

21. EA Berwick Farm 14th July 2018 - Qualifier

20. SoS Scottish Championships 13th July 2018 - Qualifier

19. WHTG Ingleby 8th July 2018 - L1 Qualifier

18. IOM 6th July 2018 - Qualifier

16. KTS Sandringham 29th June 2018 - Qualifier

14. CTG Anglesey 23rd June 2018 - Qualifier

13. BTG Tarnwater Farm 16th June 2018 - L1 Qualifier

12. NEST Alford 15th June 2018 - Qualifier

11. TSW Holwell Lawn 9th June 2018 - Qualifier

10. TREC Lincs Danethorpe 9th June 2018 - Qualifier

9. Wessex Stowell Park 2nd June - Qualifier

6. WHTG English Championships Ivesley 25th May 2018 - Qualifier

5. RK Chris' 60th Birthday TREC 19th May 2018 - Qualifier

4. CTG National Forest 18th May 2018 - Qualifier

3. TRAC Berriewood 13th May 2018 - L1 Qualifier

2. CTG Park Farm 5th May 2018 - Qualifier






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