Results - Summer TRECs - 2015

All the results from the summer 2015 TRECs (full competitions, POR or PTV only and Versatile TREC Horse) run around the country

Click on the link below for the latest results:-

SEIB Summer League Results.

S47 - Faversham Qualifer Sept 2015

S46- Woodhouse Farm Qualifier Sept 2015

S45- Urswick Qualifier Sept 2015

S50- Irish National Championships Qualifier Sept 2015

S48 Tankey Lake Qualifier Sept 2015

S44A- IOM Qualifier Sept 2015

S33-Berwick Farm Qualifier July 2015

S31A - Hampsley Hallow NQ 27th June 2015

S31 - Welsh Championships Qualifier 19th June 2015

S30 - NEST Aberdeenshire Qualifier 13th June 2015

S29 - BTG Cartmel  Qualifier 6th June 2015

S28 - SET Torry Hill Qualifer 6th June 2015       

S27 - National Forest  Qualifier 29th May 2015   

S25 - Newhall NQ 23rd May 2015

S23 - TREC Ireland Qualifier 22nd May 2015                                    


S23 - TREnd May 2015 Level 4C Ireland Qualifier 22                             

S21 - IOM  Qualifier 17th May 2015

S20 - TREC South West Bickenhall NQ 10th May 2015

S14 - Central Park Farm NQ 26th April 2015

S06 - Clinton Farm POR NQ 11th April 2015

 S03 -South West - Bicton NQ  5th April 2015

S01a -Bowland Results Qualifier 14th Oct 2014





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