Organising a British TREC competition

Thank you for considering organising a British TREC competition. TREC GB exists to provide support for organisers in order that riders can enjoy British TREC competitions run nationwide.

This area of the website aims to assist organisers with putting on a competition.  Here you will find support and a range of documents for use in running affiliated TREC GB competitions.

Login to the members area for all forms and documents. A free PDF copy of the current TREC GB rule book can be found here.

Please note: Documents that include the TREC GB name and/or logo may ONLY be used for affiliated TREC GB competitions or events run by TREC GB member clubs.  Their use at events falling outside these criteria is a breach of copyright. The TREC GB name and/or logo alone cannot be taken to be an indication of compliance with TREC GB rules. 

Types of competition:

Affiliated TREC GB summer series competitions can be run by TREC GB member clubs or individuals who are TREC GB members (either Red or Blue tier or Supporter members).  Qualifiers for the SEIB TREC GB National Championships 2019 may only be run by Full TREC GB member clubs.  All competitions must be applied for on the relevant booking form.

In order to be an affiliated competition the current TREC GB Rulebook must be used and an approved TREC GB Technical Delegate (TD) must oversee the competition (this must be a different person to the traceur). Organisers should ideally source their own TD but if they are unable to do so they should contact admin. It may not be possible to find someone to TD your competition but we will do our best to help. Only events run by TREC GB member clubs will be covered by TREC GB’s insurance policy. The nominated organiser, traceur and TD must all be current TREC GB members. An organiser's pack will be provided.

Events can be run by external bodies (British Riding Clubs, BHS County Committees, other groups or private individuals) but the nominated organiser must be a TREC GB member. However these events will not be covered by TREC GB's insurance and the event will not count as a qualifier for the national TREC GB Championships. 

How to book a summer competition:

Summer competitions should be booked with TREC GB as early as possible.  We are trying to avoid events in close proximity on the same weekend in order to maximise rider numbers so please ring Jen on 013398 83613 to check available dates when booking.

Check your preferred date on the TREC GB website before approaching venue owners, etc.

Once your venue and dates have been provisionally arranged:-

1.      Complete all the details on the booking form which is available via the Members area by email to When the booking form is received, admin will send an email to you and let you know if there are any other competitions booked for the same weekend.  If a clash arises, admin will inform the summer series group to make a decision.  See date booking process. Link here.

2.     Once your date has been confirmed pay the booking fee (2019 rates are £25 for non qualifiers, £40 for qualifiers or £50 for events being run by an individual or a group that is not a TREC GB member club).  Payment should be made by bank transfer to Barclays Bank, sort code 20 45 77 account number 10569755, using your name/club & date of competition as the reference. When your fee has been received your date will be set. Please note the booking fee is non refundable if your event is cancelled.

3.      Book the event onto the TREC GB website and upload your schedule. This can be done by going into My Membership and to the tab marked My Events.This will then be checked by admin and if everything is satisfactory it will become visible.

4.      Once your event is booked you will be emailed a copy of the TREC GB Organisers’ Guidelines and a copy of the current scoring programme. The Organisers Guidelines should cover all the areas that need to be considered when organising a competition.  Your Technical Delegate will also be able to help if required. 

5.      To order your map use the current form and process sent with your organisers guidelines.. A draft copy will be issued and once agreed correct. Maps will be ordered on a scale of 1:25000 unless otherwise stated.  The number of maps required should be confirmed once the level of entries is becoming clear (at or near the entries closing date). 

6.      Your SEIB rosettes will be posted direct to the organiser. SEIB rosettes are awarded 1st to 3rd place for all unrestricted classes at levels without an A or B suffix with the exception of Level 2A. These are additional to your own placing awards.  

7.      Approx 4 days before your event (when the times are done) email the start list to

8.      After your event please email your results directly to, ideally by the Wednesday following your event, in the TREC GB format produced by the scoring programme (which will be provided). A new scoring programme has been commissioned and tested and is ready for use. If you require a copy please contact

9.      The information on your start list will be used to:-

a.      Invoice your competitor fees @£6 per entry for a full competition or @£4 per entry for POR only. Please note if a rider cannot complete the competition (eg vetted out) once started, full fees are still payable

And on your results to:

b.      Update the league which is displayed on the web Results page. All full (ie three-phase) affiliated competitions will earn points for the 2019 Summer League. Please contact admin if you have any discrepancies once published. Full league criteria can be found on the Summer League page.Link here.

10.  Forms and scoring sheets for organisers are available via the members area / forms.

Please feel free to contact admin if you have any questions. Email or phone landline 013398 83613 mobile 07469 822948.

First Aid Cover - Recommendations 2019

Full details of the 2019 qualification criteria and league scoring system can be found on the relevant pages on this website. 


You will need to set your entry fees relative to the costs of your competition. If you are a TREC GB member club then TREC GB’s insurance will cover your competition, including Employers’ Liability insurance for all your officials and volunteers. TREC GB Red members and members of any TREC GB member club are covered for Public Liability insurance at TREC GB events. You may wish to charge your own members a reduced entry fee.

In order to accept entries from competitors who fall into neither of these categories then you will need to ensure that they have insurance cover.  You may wish to charge them a fee (in addition to the normal entry fee) to provide them with day (or weekend) membership of your club. Alternatively you need to ask them to provide evidence of their own public liability policy.

If you are not a TREC GB member club then you will be running your competition under your own insurance.

The following table summarises the insurance arrangements for riders:

Any paid up TREC GB red member

Any paid up member of any TREC GB member club

Any paid up member of any TREC GB member club (and TREC GB blue member)

Any paid up TREC GB blue member, but not a member of any TREC GB member club

Non member of anything

Club insured (so no action by competitor)

Club insured (so no action by competitor)

Club insured (so no action by competitor)

Competitor needs to pay a fee and sign to make themselves a day/ weekend member of your club *

Competitor needs to pay a fee and sign to make themselves a day/ weekend member of your club *

* Alternatively you must satisfy yourself that the competitor has a policy of their own with sufficient public liability insurance to meet your needs.

NB. Please remember that only Red members have any insurance included in their TREC GB membership, Blue members do not. 


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