TREC GB Officials and Volunteers - Trainers of Judges

Accredited Trainers of Judges who are able to run Judges' Training courses.


The following are qualified TREC GB Trainers of Judges and are accredited to run courses that can lead to TREC GB Judge status. 

Contact can be made with a Trainer of Judges by emailing TREC GB via the Contact Us button at the top of the page.  Please give us your contact details to pass on and a brief message stating what you are enquiring about. 
Name Region(s) in which they are willing to run training courses
Jackie Bennett Central & North East.
Julie Brand South West
Cath Cromarty North & South Wales, Cheshire, Shropshire, Worcestershire
Trish Donnelly Central, Central South, South East & South West.
Caroline Forrester Central, Central South & North East.
Hannah Garnett North Wales, North West & Scotland.
Gina King Central South, South Wales & South West.
Polly Lloyd Owen South Wales.
Zara Lawlor Wessex.
Rhoda McVey Scotland
Lorraine Owens North Wales.
Evie O’Keefe Central, North East, North Wales & North West.
Jill Perry South East.
Jane Scott Central, Central South, North East & South East.
Jenny Snowdon .Central, Central South & South East.
Joy Taylor South East
Helen Martin Central, Central South, North East & South East.
Helen Wain North East, North Wales, North West & Scotland.
Karen Waite Scotland.
Vanessa Warren South West.
Mary Weston Central, Central South, North East & South East.

Judges training courses run by any person not named on this list will not lead to TREC GB Judges status. 



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