TREC GB Officials and Volunteers - Technical Delegates

The role of a Technical Delegate (TD) and their training structure

The Technical Delegate for a competition is responsible for the technical aspects of the event, from checking map drawing and the suitability on the ground of the POR route to briefing judges and overseeing the production of scores.  TDs are trained directly by TREC GB themselves and will be invited to take part in sharing best practice in the future. 

In order to attend a TD Training course, applicants must be TREC GB members (Red or Blue tier or Supporter members) and be Qualified TREC GB judges for all phases.  Prospective TDs will be asked to complete our application form which will ask for details of TREC experience (in whatever capacity) and this information will be used to allocate places on our TD Training Courses.

The training structure for TDs will be as follows:

Probationary TD – successfully completed TDs’ Training course.  These TDs will then shadow a Qualified TD for at least two or more competitions.

Associate TD – successfully completed TDs’ Training course and been signed off by TD's they shadowed. May officiate at one or more competitions AS LONG AS they are shadowed by a Qualified TD.

Qualified TD – successfully completed all requirements for Probationary & Associate TD's and has subsequently been signed off by a SENIOR TD.  May officiate at all competitions, including qualifiers, except for National or Regional Championships.

Senior TD – May officiate at all competitions, including qualifiers and National or Regional Championships.

Senior TD + Trainer – May train prospective TDs.

In order to maintain their level of qualification, each TREC GB TD must attend a Refresher course at least every 3 years. TREC GB recognises TDs who trained under the BHS and will list any such TDs as Qualified for the next 3 years.  By the end of that period (1st October 2017) all TDs must have attended a TREC GB TDs’ Training course in order to maintain their qualification.  Former BHS TDs are not required to be signed off by a TD. 


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