Nominations for Awards Night 2017

As well as the SEIB Summer League awards being presented for all levels at the Awards Night, the Board is again awarding prizes in the following categories, to be voted for by all members. Please take your time to nominate anyone/event for a short list to be drawn up and then voting will be on the website, similar to the election voting system. Please respond by 7th November with nominations, and then watch the website!




1. Best 2017 Summer TREC venue

2. Best 2017 Summer POR

3. Best 2017 Summer PTV

4. Best Volunteer

5. Most memorable moment (please include photo, good or bad!)

6. Unsung Hero

7. Best Saturday night meal

8. Best Winter Series Venue


PLEASE take a moment to send these nominations to  so we can reward all the organisers for their hard work throughout the year. (Just put number and nomination beside it, and a short list will be drawn up, to be voted for on the website shortly after 7th November).


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