New class for Summer 2017

The Board have introduced a new class for 2017, Level 2A. It will be Level 2 length (20-25 kms) for the POR but with more technicality and therefore may include grids and bearings. The PTV will remain the same as the current level 2.

Same distance as L2
Route to be more technically challenging than level 2
Short bearings section can be added.
Uncomplicated grid reference can be given.
Bearings and grid references do not both have to be used however, the class has
been introduced at the request of competitors that do not wish to move to the
distance of L3 but would like a more challenging POR.
Level 2A is to be thought of as a stepping stone into L3 for those riders that wish to
move up or for the Level 2 riders that would like more of a challenge but for whatever
reason do not wish to increase their distance.


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