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TREC GB International Riders News 



Confirmation of the end of the International Rider's Qualification period 2019-2020

 The current Selection Criteria document indicates that the qualifying period provisionally runs from 01/03/2019 to 30/06/2020. 

Previously, a competition running the weekend after the end of June has been included within the qualification period, provided that the date still allowed time for confirmation of selected riders and receipt by FITE of required paperwork. It is anticipated that the date this year will be around the 20th July.

The Welsh Championships take place on the 4th and 5th July 2020 and I can now confirm that the qualification period will close after the completion of this competition.



TREC GB in China 2019

TREC GB were invited back to China for the second year in a row and Kate Gillain represnted TREC GB, to read Kate's exciting report on her adventure.  Click here for Kate's report.


TREC GB Appoints Senior & Young Chef d'Equipes for 2019-2020

On behalf of TREC GB, the International Riders’ Working Group (IRWG) has appointed Dave Rogerson as the Senior Rider Chef d'equipe for the World Championships in 2020 and Jess Wain as the Young Rider Chef d'equipe for the European Championships in 2019. Congratulations to both on their successful applications.


International Judges Training

International Judges training took place on Saturday 6th April. The Institute, Caerwys, Mold, Flintshire, North Wales

TRAINERS:  Cath Cromarty & Gina King

The training took place both indoors and outdoors. Seven people attended and are awaiting verification from FITE that the are qualified as International Judges.  

Attendees: Trish Donnelly, Katie Morgan, Lorraine Owens, Jane Scott, Jacqui Kedward, Andy Chappell, Claire Pollard.


In order to qualify as a FITE International TREC Judge you must fulfil the following criteria:

1              Qualified as a National Judge for a minimum of 3 years

2              Attended a National Judges refresher course within the last 2 years

3              Judged at three or more National TREC competitions (L2, 3 & 4) within the last 2 years

NB The awarding of the FITE International TREC Judges qualification is at the discretion of the FITE qualified trainers running this course and FITE themselves (who make the final decision based on the information submitted by your trainers).  

Please note that course attendance does not guarantee qualification.

If you are interested in attending future training please contact the TREC GB FITE Liaison Group,

International Riders Working Group Vacancy

The International Riders’ Working Group at 1st May 2019 has a full complement of members. 

IRWG Chair: Dave Rogerson

Vice Chair: Cheryl McLardy

Members: Ailsa Gibson, Dorothy Still, Helen Wain, Jess Wain, Caroline Brammer

The group supports all aspects of the work required to allow all Senior and Young Rider TREC GB Teams to compete in FITE Championships.

IRWG Terms of Reference - this document details the work undertaken by the Working Group.

Anyone interested in the work of the group and potentially becoming a member in the future is welcome to contact the Chair-Dave Rogerson  for further information.

TREC GB Goes to China

TREC GB were invited to send 2 riders and their Chair to the Weifang Binhai International Equestrian Festival held in October 2018. Click here to read Dot Still's report on her experience.

International Riding

Opportunities as a TREC GB member


Opportunities exist for any TREC GB member to compete internationally in TREC competitions organised by countries across Europe.

Members can compete as an individual, as a member of a Nations Cup Team at European Cup events or through qualification as a member of a TREC GB team at either the World or European Championships. We aspire to send Senior and Young Rider Teams to all FITE championships. 

Riders competed as a Team at competitions abroad in 2018 and were placed 2nd in the FITE Eurocup Team League. The trophy was presented at the Awards Ceremony at the European Championships in Italy on 1st September 2018.

Team members included Dot Still, Hilary Barnard, Liz Davison, Kate Gillam and Sue Lee. 

  Liz & Hilary receive the Euro-Cup Trophy on behalf of the Team, at the annual TREC GB Awards Evening in January 2019

Qualifying for GB TREC Team

World Championships will take place in 2020 and 2024, and European Championships in 2022 and 2026.

The next Young Rider International Competition will take place 30th August - 1st September 2019 in the Black Forest, Germany.

Interested Riders please contact:

Senior Riders: Dave Rogerson

Young Riders: Cheryl Wilson


Application / Registration forms: 2019

Senior Riders: TREC GB International Senior Riders Application Form 2019

Young Riders: TREC GB International Young Riders Application Form 2019


Selection Criteria 2019

Senior Riders: FITE European TREC Championships Senior Rider Selection Criteria

Young Riders: FITE Eiropean TREC Championships Young Rider Selection Criteria



FITE, the governing body of World TREC, has announced the launce of a new Young Rider Pairs Class, for 14-18 year old aspiring International TREC Riders. This will be running alongside the annual International Young Rider Classes from August 2019. 

TREC GB anticipates sending riders to compete in this class in August 2020.

Interested riders should contact Cheryl McLardy for more information and a registration form. Selection Criteria are currently being drafted and will be finalised before the start of the qualifying period begins on 1st July 2019. 


Information website sources

FITE  (World Equestrian body responsible for TREC)

TREC GB International Riders websites and facebook page.


Training opportunities

In the absence of formal training sessions inside the competitive season, where possible there will be a debrief post POR at competitions where several International Riders are competing. This is to encourage a focus on setting goals and making evaluations of performance.

Registered riders are also expected to submit post competition evaluation reports to Helen Wain (approved by the IRWG as the lead member responsible for analysing the performance of registered riders). Reports should be submitted to Helen directly via email:

Riding Abroad

What you need to know.

Euro Cup Competitions Abroad

FITE co-ordinates a programme of European Cup competitions each year. Dates for these competitions are submitted by individual countries at the General Assembly meeting (Sept) following each major championship.

TREC GB organised and ran its first Euro Cup competition at Chilham Castle in August 2017.

The GB Championships 2019 at Peebles in Scotland will include a Euro-Cup Class.

2019 competition venue websites can be found at


Nations Cup Team selection

Any TREC GB Rider can enter these competitions. Interested riders need to complete a EURO Cup form and submit it to the Chair of TREC GB in the first instance. If four or more TREC GB riders enter a competition, they become eligible for selection for the TREC GB Nations Cup Team. Team selection will be based on current and recent form of riders.

Euro- Cup Form:     

Then click on Registration Form European Cup of TREC.

Rules when Riding Abroad

FITE Rules for International Competitions 2019


Team and Individual Rider Insurance when competing abroad

TREC GB Red Tier membership insures riders when competing abroad through SEIB..

Please click the link below to be directed to the Internatioanl riders website:

International Riders Teams announced for Italy 2018

TREC GB announces names of Young Riders selected for the FITE World TREC Championships and the Senior Riders selected for the FITE European Championships, in Italy later this year. International Rider profiles.

The International Riders would like thank Steve at Performance Equestrian for sponsoring the bridles due to be worn at the Championships.Click here for more information

Thank Haven Systems for their kind sponsorship of our Senior International Riders who are competing in the FITE European TREC Championships in September.

European Championships, Italy - September 2018 Senior Placings

Team Placing: 7th (Liz Davidson, Jackie Bennett, Dorothy Still, Kate Gillam)

Individual Placings:

25th - Liz Davidson & Indiscretion

32nd - Jackie Bennett & Bradley

34th - Dorothy Still & Wahiki

40th - Kate Gillam & Lily Langtree

Eliminated - Sheila Watson & Eldrick Redoubt


World Championships, Italy - September 2019 Young Rider Placings

Team Placing: 5th (Caitlin Crossley, Jo McCormac, Jess Wain & Alex Robinson)

Individual Placings:

7th - Caitlin Crossley & Adamfield Flashlight

29th - Jo McCormac & Clonlaras Dubh

31st - Jess Wain & Willow The Wisp

DNF - Alex Robinson & Trefnant Royal Warror (Retired on POR due to ill health)

Previous Results

Team GB Bag a Bronze at European Championships 2017!

European Championship of TREC Young Riders 2017


World Championships - Sept 2016 - Final placings for Seniors:

13th Dot Still and Wahiki
18th Daniel Nolan and Tornado
22nd Hilary Barnard and Nidorina (Hired horse)
43rd Lynn Davies and Eldrick Redoubt
55th Jackie Bennett and Bradley
59th Lynne Mabbitt and Jigsaw

Huge well done to everybody and thank you very much to Spain for having us!


9th Dec 2015 - Caitlin Crossley writes a peice about TREC for a new teenage rider magazine. First edition coming soon! TREC a sport for all Horses and Riders

18th Oct 2015 - Well done to Hilary Barnard. She has been awarded 5th place in European Cup League. Excellent news as 2 competitions were on hired horses.

29th Sept 2015 - Thank you to all involved in the European Cup TREC Competition in Spain last weekend. GB riders Jackie Bennett, Sue Lee, Lynne Mabbitt and Hilary Barnard all enjoyed the warm weather and hospitality of our extended TREC family. Pleased to report we all completed a very tricky competition and well done to highest placed Brit, Hilary Barnard. All great preparation for the World Championships in Spain in 2016!


 August 2015  

FITE Euro Young Riders Championships 2015 - Read all about Catlin and Flash's adventure in Holland.



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