Following the 2020 Summer Series ruling for entering any SEIB Summer Series competition, the information below is very important.

There is a new protocol for entering classes, with a confirmed opening date for each competition. No entry will be accepted before the date, regardless of when the schedule for that competition is released, to ensure a fair playing field for all concerned. 
Only fully completed and paid for entries will be considered, (either online or postal, depending on the organiser's preference), and will be accepted in chronological order until that competition is full, which may be well before the printed closing date.  Most organisers will then keep a waiting list.
All competitors who are NOT current Red or Blue members will have to obtain a Day Ticket code to enter. The first two day ticket codes are free of charge, and the following 2 will be £10 each. Thereafter the day ticket competitor will have to join TREC GB either as a Red or Blue member (details to follow in the next newsletter).
These competitors will have an equal chance of an entry; however their placings carry NO qualification for the National Championships (level 2 and above) or League points. Competitors in Level 1 Grassroots classes on Day tickets will have Championship qualification status, but they will have to become a Red or Blue member by time of entry to the Grassroots Championships. Until becoming a full member they will not accrue League points.
The day ticket system will be on the website by April 1st, however if an event opens prior to that date, please contact Admin to obtain your ticket (code) manually. This affects only 2 or 3 events at the moment.



CLOSING DATE (on or before if full)

Brigstick, CTG

1st April 2020

21st April 2020

Minnismoor, SET

9th April 2020

30th April 2020

Isle of Man, IOM

20th March 2020

2nd May 2020

Gower, RKTG

17th March 2020

7th May 2020

Stapleton, WHTG

1st April 2020

7th May 2020

Cherry Croft, SET

4th May 2020

15th May 2020

Park Farm (1), CTG

24th April 2020

14th May 2020

Wernham, Wessex

18th April 2020


Welsh Champs

8th April 2020

17th June 2020

Please pass this information on to other riders who are not TREC GB Red or Blue members and are considering competing this year.
The Board is monitoring the Corona Virus situation closely and are hopeful our sport will not be affected. However, please see the website and social media, Events TREC and TREC events and local club pages on FB for ongoing advice.


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