GB Championships 2019

2019 TREC GB National Championships


TREC GB National Championships 2019 

Edderston Livery, Peebles, Scotland EH45 9JE

16th, 17th & 18th August  2019.


Well done to everyone who took part in the National Championships 2019 whether they were competing, volunteering or organising. Another successful memorable championships for all!

The Champions of 2019 are:

Level 2 Individual Champion - Marie Spillane

Level 2 Pairs Champions - Clare Lane & Elodie Wagener

Level 2A Individual Champion - Sarah Addis

Level 2A Pairs Champions - Dave Rogerson & Sheila Rogerson

Level 3 Individual Champion - Sheila Roberts

Level 3 Pairs Champions - Sarah Vaughan & Claire Pollard

Level 4 Individual Champion - Caitlin Crossley


Speclal Awards:

European Cup - Caitlin Crossley

Nations Cup - England

Team - White Horse Wanderers (Dave Rogerson, Sheila Rogerson, Sheila Roberts, Liane Robinson)

Daniel Nolan Highest POR Score Level 2 - Clare Lane & Elodie Wagener

Daniel Nolan Highest POR Score Level 2A - Dave Rogerson & Sheila Rogerson

Daniel Nolan Highest POR Score Level 3 - Alex Robinson

Daniel Nolan Highest POR Score Level 4 - Caitlin Crossley

Lucky Jim Trophy (Highest PTV Score) - Elodie Wagener

Highest Placed Veteran Horse 2019 (Donated by Mairi Howat in memory of Pagan - English, Welsh & Scottish Champion at the of 20 in 2015) - Second Edition (Dave Rogerson)

Jane Goldbart Memorial Trophy (Best Condition voted for by the Vetting Team) - Wahiki (Ridden by Caitlin Crossley, owned by Dot Still)


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Level 2A Level 2A Level 2A
Level 3 Level 3 Level 3
Level 4 Level 4 Level 4


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