Frequently asked questions

TREC GB is here to help! If you can't find the answer to your question on this page please email us via the Contact TREC GB button at the top right of the website.

New Hat Standards.

TREC GB will allow riders to compete in hats that are only (BS)EN1384 until 1st October 2016.

Do I need to wear a Body Protector?

Yes at TREC competitions during the PTV stage a body protector (BP)  is compulsory even if there are no fixed obstacles. In the Winter / Arena TREC BP's  are only required if fixed obdtacles are present, knock down jumps are OK without a BP. The POR also applies the fixed obstacle rule. 

How do I find out my membership number?

You need to log on to the TREC GB website; you will then see in the page header (next to the Welcome message) a link My Membership, click this.

Select the tab My membership - you will then see all the details about your current membership - including your membership number.

This tab will also tell you which club (if any) you had nominated on joining.  If you did not nominate a club but would like to do so partway through the year please send an email to  That club should then either credit you with £10 towards your club membership (Red and Blue members) or offer you Supporter/Non Rider membership (Supporter members). 

How can I join TREC GB? 

All the details about joining TREC GB, the current rates and the member benefits are available via the Join TREC GB tab on the menu in the pale blue bar.  

When you register online you will get a verification email to check that you have given a valid email address.  The link in this email must be clicked in order to complete your registration.  If you do not appear to have received your verfication email one hour after you submitted your registration please check your Spam/Junk folder as initial emails are sometimes channelled in there by email systems.  

How can I find my local TREC GB member club? 

Click on the Clubs item in the menu on the pale blue bar at the bottom of the page.  A map of the coverage regions can be found on that page, as well as contact details for all the TREC GB member clubs.  Some clubs have a small overlap in their areas of operation, in which case we advise that you contact the clubs involved to find out which runs more events in your preferred area. 

There is no club covering my area - what can I do? 

TREC GB is delighted to receive enquiries from people looking to set up new clubs.  Please email or phone 07469 822948 to express your interest in setting up a new club.  We will provide as much support as we can, both directly and via existing clubs.  

I would like to run a competition - what should I do? 

Click on the Organise an Event item in the menu in the pale blue bar at the top of the page.  That will outline the support available and types of competition that can be run under TREC GB's banner.  British TREC is a growing sport and we are keen to enable more competiitons to be run nationwide so that more riders can have a go at this fun sport!  Organising events can also prove somewhat addictive, so do have a go! 

I would like to offer a training event - what should I do? 

Many riders experience TREC for the first time via a training event, either a mounted or unmounted (or combined) session.  TREC GB welcomes enquiries from members (Red or Blue tier or Supporter members) who wish to run training events.  We ask that you liaise with your local TREC GB member club in order to ensure that training is delivered in accordance with the current British TREC Rulebook and the TREC GB ethos.  Please contact your local club via the details available on the TREC Clubs page, and quote the name of your point of contact within that club when you book your training.  

Where can I find the parental consent form required for competitors under 16yrs?

Please follow this link


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