Valley Forge TREC Clinic

Open for entries

South East TREC Group

Date: 28 Jul 2018    Entries close: 23 Jul 2018

Event type: PTV & MA training session

The training sessions will take place in a surfaced and fenced arena. They are ideal as an introduction to TREC and a broad overview will be given to those new to the sport. Those who are more experienced will be given the chance to practice their technique. There will be a scored round after each session with rosettes. Please allow 1.5 to 2 hours per session dependant on numbers attending.

Event website: Click here to go to the event website

Location: Valley Forge Stables 46 High Road Hockley
Eastern counties, Essex

Entries secretary:
Jenny Snowdon
Tel: 01621 779816
Mob: 07958 407594


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