Christmas Fun Day with Training

Open for entries

TREC Lincolnshire

Date: 29 Dec 2017 - 29 Dec 2016    Entries close: 19 Dec 2016

Event type: PTV & MA training session

We will endeavour to make each group comprise riders of a similar level of experience. We will cover a selection of Trec obstacles, both ridden and led. You’ll be shown how to tackle each obstacle, learn how it is judged and you’ll be able to practice. All the competition obstacles will be included and ideas on how to gain most points will be available.
Training will be especially useful for people who haven't done trec before and those whose horses are not at their best indoors!

Competitors will be in teams which will be allocated. There will be in hand and ridden teams.

Style will not count for any obstacle in this competition - effectiveness faults and not completing an obstacle will result in time penalties or elimination from the round

The competition and training are separate and there's no need to do both

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Eastern counties, Lincolnshire

Entries secretary:
Sarah Kelsey
Tel: 07818080046


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