PTV Training

Open for entries

TREC Lincolnshire

Date: 23 Sep 2017    Entries close: 16 Sep 2017

Event type: PTV & MA training session

The training will be in small groups (typically 4 or 5 riders).
We will endeavour to make each group comprise riders of a similar level of experience.
We will cover a selection of Trec obstacles, both ridden and led:
such things as a footbridge, a water-crossing, bending poles, immobility (of the horse/pony), a small jump (up to about 2 feet), mounting (either from the ground or a block), opening and closing a gate, reining-back, riding or leading through a corridor of poles on the ground or an S-bend.
You’ll be shown how to tackle each obstacle, learn how it is judged and you’ll be able to practice. As with Trec obstacles in a competition, if you don’t want to try an obstacle, you just need to tell us at the time (or in a competition, that obstacle’s judge).

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Eastern counties, Lincolnshire

Entries secretary:
Captain Evan Sonny


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