Judges Training

Open for entries

TREC Lincolnshire

Date: 28 Aug 2017    Entries close: 21 Aug 2017

Event type: Judge/TD training

Invaluable for BHS trained Trec judges to refresh their skills so become TREC GB accredited and to anyone who’d like help with the competitions.

Part 1 will cover PTV and MA – Especially useful to riders: Come and learn how to judge obstacles, see exactly what the judge is looking for and therefore how to improve your score.

We will talk through the different 'groups' of obstacles and how the scoring system works. We'll also talk about the MA, covering judging as well as different variations in walk and canter.

Part 2 will cover the POR – We will talk through all aspects of judging the POR phase of a Trec competition:- Tack & Hat Checks, what happens in the Map Room & what the judges have to do, how to manage & judge at the different types of Check Points (including where a Health Check is involved, the start & the finish of Grid Reference & Bearings sections, & manned Ticket Points).

Event website: Click here to go to the event website

Eastern counties, Lincolnshire

Entries secretary:
Captain Evan Sonny
Email: captevansonny@outlook.com


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