National Forest Saturday Training Day followed by Sunday TREC Competition**CANCELLED**

Open for entries

Central TREC Group

Date: 17 Jun 2017 - 18 Jun 2017    Entries close: 3 Jun 2017

Event type: Equisafety Summer Series 2017

Saturday on foot POR training for L1 and grids/bearings training for 2A/3. Some PTV obstacles available for practice.
Sunday L1 intro TREC, L1 Equisafety Summer Series qualifier and L2A/3practice POR which will ONLY use grids bearings and alternative maps eg aerial views with back up route map


Schedule  - Event schedule

Location: Knowle Hill Equestrian, Ticknall
Yorkshire and North Midlands, Derbyshire

Entries secretary:
Lynne Mabbitt
Mob: 07771 551798


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