POR Practice Ride

Open for entries

TREC Lincolnshire

Date: 21 May 2017    Entries close: 14 May 2017

Event type: POR training session

Enter as an individual or a pair. You will be given a map either with the route marked on already – or, if you prefer, a blank one and a master map to copy. You’ll be set off at your given time to follow the route at the assigned speed. There will be checkpoints along the way where you’ll get a short break and a new speed. After the event we’ll email you your results so you can see how you got on.
Please note there is no map room at this venue so if you’d prefer to copy the route you’ll need to provide your own table!

Event website: Click here to go to the event website


POR Practice Ride  - Event schedule

Location: Christmas World, Ravendale, Grimsby, DN37 ORX
Eastern counties, Lincolnshire

Entries secretary:
Sarah Kelsey
Email: sarah@treclincolnshire.co.uk


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