Equine Flu Requirement - 18th March Update

With immediate effect TREC GB requires that all events involving equines should insist that vaccinations are up to date (12 month cycle)

Following publication of the TREC GB ‘Equine Flu Requirement’, (25th February 2019), a number of queries have been raised, by riders and organisers, as to exactly what is acceptable for a horse’s vaccination record to be correct.
The updated TREC GB Equine Flu Statement, dated 18th March 2019, now includes a ‘Clarification Statement’, in bold text. (See below)


CURRENT STATEMENT: 6pm 25h February 2019

With immediate effect TREC GB requires that all events, including training & camps, involving equines should insist that vaccinations are up to date (12 month cycle) and check passports before horses are unloaded. Horses that have had their annual vaccination or a booster, within the last six days should not be allowed to compete.


CURRENT ADVICE: 6pm 25th February 2019

We also ask that riders don’t attend events if their horse, or other horses stabled at the same location, are showing any flu symptoms. 

TREC GB will monitor the current situation and issue up dates as and when necessary. Longer term implications will be considered in due course.
Additionally, TREC GB suggests that in preparation for the coming Summer Series season, all riders should check their horses are vaccinated in anticipation of this becoming a future, long term requirement.
For unvaccinated horses to be able to compete a new programme takes a minimum of 28 days.


The points below should be read in conjunction with the Equine Flu Statement referred to above.
 1.  The twelve month cycle means that a horse’s vaccinations should be dated on or within 365 days (twelve months), for each year recorded on the passport,  after the initial cycle of three injections were originally completed. For example a horse vaccinated on 15th March one year needs to be vaccinated on or before 15th March the following year. This also applies in leap years.
2.  Horses with several years of annual booster vaccinations can have gaps in their record provided that;
a) The first two primary injections where administered correctly before 1st January 2014. (2nd injection 21-92 days after the 1st injection).
b) All annual boosters since 1st January 2014 are within time.
Below is a link to the BRC online vaccinations checker, with instructions for its use. This can be downloaded.
and scroll down to Flu Vac Checker 2019 (Excel) or click here to download the Excel file.




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