TREC at Eersel, Netherlands 2015

Netherlands TREC organised a full European Cup TREC event at the weekend, together with a Young Rider’s class; nearly 90 competitors attended and teams were fielded from Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Great Britain.

Beautiful sunshine greeted the early arrivals on Thursday, to be followed by more on Friday, but wet weather was forecast for Saturday.  Fortunately the overnight rain on Friday stopped, leaving Saturday morning a little damp, but drying all the time. 



The map room opened at 0730 hours so by 0800 the first competitors were on their way on sandy tracks through the local forest.  A tricky route, with loops which needed careful navigation, took riders around the local villages, and extra challenges were included in the form of a grid reference test and a bearings section.


What appeared to be an innocuous MA track,  caused enough problems to produce a range of scores and the PTV, which was set in the grounds of PCK Eersel, kept riders twisting and turning through the paddocks and again produced a range of scores.

Great Britain’s final placings – Sue Lee 2nd, Daniel Nolan 4th, Hilary Barnard 8th, Dot Still 9th and Lynn Davies 11th  were good enough to provide a well-earned Nations Cup win.


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