Arbitration Panel 2020

Arbitration Panel 2020

A 2020 Arbitration Panel has been set up, to enable competitors to have a means of dealing with a situation that they feel needs addressing regarding Summer competitions, that has not been resolved on the day.( Scores on individual PTV obstacles should not go to arbitration, as it is the judges prerogative to judge style etc.)  

The panel will consist of 2 experienced Board members, on a permanent basis, and one revolving member, on a two week   cycle, who is also a TD.  

If a member feels that a matter has not been resolved satisfactorily on the date of the competition, the following will apply -  

1. Please fill in the form and email to You will receive a confirmation email within 24hrs. Please, at the same time,forward the £25 (refundable if matter upheld in the competitor's favour) by BACS to TREC GB. No matter will be considered if the fee has not been paid. 

2. No matter will be considered unless received within the time frame, ie by midnight Wednesday after the previous weekend, or, in the case of an organisational error, ie mismeasurement of a distance on the POR,  by midnight of the 8th day after the competition ends. 

3. The matter will be looked at by the Panel, initially, and, if it is decided that it is not an arbitration matter, but merely, for example, a genuine scoring error , it will be dealt with straight away, and an explanation provided, and results amended to reflect corrected results. 

3. If  the matter is felt to suit full arbitration, and the competitor wants to be present on the conference call, you must be available at a mutually decided time by all participants. The TD/organiser will also be invited onto the call. Once both parties have briefly stated the version of events, the panel will reconvene and  will make a decision, based on the facts given, whilst referring to the 2019 Rulebook.  

4.  If you would prefer that the matter is dealt with anonymously, you must still fill in the form correctly with full name , tel number, email address etc, but you will  not be expected to be on the conference call,  and only your written statement will be used. In all cases no names will be published on the website in the Panel reports. 

5.It is hoped that all matters are resolved before this stage, and the 2019 Rulebook will be used as the main point of reference. If the matter is deemed not to be within any clear ruling then Rule 2.3 will be adhered to, unless there is a clear  proven organisational error, and then the matter will be given in the competitors favour, and results will be amended accordingly.  

The Championship events will have their own Ground Jury to deal with arbitration matters on the days of competition.  

It is hoped that competitors realise that sometimes mistakes  do happen, however, but correctly rectified will ensure a fair sport for all. 


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